Green Tape provides custom service and product offerings for your company’s accrual-based accounting system needs.

Our custom service packages can include monthly or quarterly financial statements, accounts payable, accounts receivable invoicing and government-required financial reporting through earned value management.

We partner with payroll and electronic time card services at discounted rates for the best-value, third-party vendor offerings that will work with your accounting system.

What’s more, you can ensure your accounting compliance yourself with Green Tape’s government approved accounting system, GovCon Startup™ Accounting.

Our custom financial statement packages can include almost any report you want, including backlog and company dashboard analysis. These analyses help you manage your company and earnings, while meeting your government customer and IRS reporting requirements.
Timecard & Payroll Accounting Services

Today, payroll is more than just issuing paychecks. Because problems in payroll or your company’s taxes and reporting can be pricey, we believe such a vital part of your business should be handled by someone who knows your business and your government accounting system.

Green Tape offers you a choice of approved payroll vendors, which includes an accountant who works with a payroll service for your complete payroll accounting. Our payroll providers also prepare all federal and state wage returns — and offer electronic media and filing services.

Green Tape offers audit management and support services for grants
Green Tape can lead or support your company needs in federal (DCAA, NIH, A-133, and other agency audits), state, local and commercial audits. Our custom accounting services and products are designed to meet external auditing requirements, so your company is compliant with them. Because we have experienced many DCAA, NIH and other agency audits, our systems and processes support your audit needs in the following areas:
Federal Government: Proposal or pricing (From cost type, through commercial or GSA), Government approved accounting system, Time card or floor, Indirect (i.e., provisional) rate, Incurred cost proposal, System controls
State & Local Government: Labor and independent contractor, Unemployment insurance, Worker compensation, Other state and local
Commercial: Investor due diligence, Merger and acquisition, Public company, Insurance, ther commercial
Green Tape Tax Planning Audit support
Green Tape can help you monitor federal, state and local tax law changes, so your company can minimize current and future tax liabilities. Use your CPA or one of our recommended government-familiar partner firms.

Then, because we understand many common small business tax strategies, we provide your CPA with the financial statements and tax information needed to complete your annual company and personal tax returns.

Green Tape Accounting Products

The Green Tape GovCon Startup™ Accounting System is an add-on product to QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise Solutions™, so you can work on cost-type contracts and be compliant. The product may be used with other job cost accounting packages that don’t calculate indirect rates.

This system provides for a government accounting package that uses Intuit’s industry-leading QuickBooks small business accounting programs.

The path to small business government R&D funding is covered in red tape. Let us help you turn your red tape, green!

Green Tape

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