We have discussed how Green Tape’s Award Navigation services help your business identify and capture government R&D funding. In our earlier blog we noted that Award Navigation is comprised of four components; “Market Research”, “Opportunity Search”, “Pre-Proposal” and “Proposal”. As we also explained, “Opportunity Search” and “Pre-Proposal” together are often called “Business Development”. Why do we do this? We feel it allows us to better define our service offerings for your Award Navigation success!

“Opportunity Search” provides you with both market data and solicitation(s), as sourced, that make sense for your science or technology product and business growth. “Pre-Proposal” goes a step farther to qualify the potential solicitation opportunity through contacts within the various government technical contacts at DOD and the other Federal Agencies (by phone or e-mail). After understanding their needs as best as possible, we help you communicate your science or technology with them, to determine the best customer contact(s),solicitation vehicle(s) and your “Tech-to-Win” solution for proposal award. We confirm how your submission is going to be evaluated/scored and what your strategy and work effort will look like. This requires an understanding what the government contacts are saying to help you determine your likelihood of funding success. During the Pre-Proposal process we confirm your opportunity priority and market size, and validate the government’s bona fide interest in the problem you have identified and your government customer’s ability or interest in awarding and funding your R&D offer. These additional research activities (and many more, not listed here) can increase your likelihood of award.

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