Green Tape’s award navigation services help your business identify and capture government R&D funding. We guide your business from government funding market research all the way through proposal award, so that you have the best data and support available for government R&D award success.

Here’s a look at how Green Tape can help your business find and secure government R&D funding:

  1. Market Research: We provide both custom “micro” and “macro” R&D market research services. Our “micro” services define your individual companies R&D award market potential; and our pending “macro” product the U.S. Federal and State R&D Market Research Report. Through our Market Research product and services, we help you define your potential government R&D funding.
  2. Opportunity Search: We will assist your business in identifying and qualifying government R&D funding opportunities. We provide Opportunity Search efforts, with no-cost government sites or third party search products, to match your innovations or services with current or potential solicitations.
  3. Pre-Proposal: In our pre-proposal process, we help your company further qualify opportunities and/or market to the government for the creation of tailored R&D opportunities. Based on decades of combined government R&D grant and contract awards, we can help you make the all-important decision of “go” (submit proposal) or “no go” (pass on the proposal).
  4. Proposal: When the “go” decision has been made, and your business is ready to submit the proposal for a given solicitation; we can help you manage the entire process ensuring an on-time winning submission.  Or if you choose, we can take on a smaller defined role based on mutual concurrence. This process has allowed us to help our clients win awards at three to five times better than the national average.

If your small business needs help getting funding for its science or technology, contact the experts at Green Tape today.

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