Green Tape has extensive expertise providing business management and financial advisory services to government small business R&D and services companies that win government contracts or grants.

We offer a broad spectrum of critical business process outsourcing services and products including a suite of comprehensive management and financial services. Whether your firm works with one or many government agencies or commercial clients, Green Tape’s dynamic government business and financial management processes provide crucial financial intelligence to decision making and ongoing company management.

Outsourced C-level management

The Green Tape team has qualified senior consultants who can act as your C-level management, financial and business development partners in developing your company — and often serve as your CFO or controller.

Timely and accurate information

Green Tape provides timely and accurate business and financial management information to company decision makers. The following services provide senior management an accurate picture of corporate finances and operations.

  • Help you EXECUTE your strategic plan, including Executive Summary through business plan support
  • Develop your management team and provide human resources support
  • Provide company pricing and profitability
  • Support business development
  • Prepare annual and multiyear pro forma financial estimates, including information to support government billing rates for proposal costing, capital expenditures, cash flow projections and management control
  • Develop project cost information by grant or contract
  • Work with government or commercial auditors for indirect rate or proposal audits
  • Prepare and manage incurred cost submittals, audits and rate approvals for annual cost submissions
  • Provide program management for increased contract and grant performance and cash flow optimization
  • Recommend solutions to management about problems that can affect the company
  • Prepare written management policies and procedures for the company as needed
  • Develop company financials, including debt and equity

For more information about how our Business Management & Financial Advisory services can help your small business, contact us.

The path to small business government R&D funding is covered in red tape. Let us help you turn your red tape, green!

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