Whether you are new to the small business government R&D funding community as an aspiring PhD candidate or a seasoned government contractor/grantee, please see our list of Clients and College/University’s Green Tape has supported.  Our select partner and client list includes both our founder and Green Tape key prior client efforts. As you can see, we have worked with a diverse group of clients, and our current Client market focus is outlined in the SMALL BUSINESS Client sector:

Aerospace & Defense Clients

Pioneer Astonautics

Business Development (through Contractor referrals), Contracts and Grants and Outsourced Controller, Accounting, Business Management & Financial Advisory and support.

Astronautics is one of the most successful long-term NASA SBIR companies. In particular, Pioneer as developed a niche expertise in Space propulsion and gases and that expertise led to the Company key commercialization event noted below. Green Tape’s work with Pioneer Astronautics included; government proposal and contracts (as needed), pricing, budgeting and DCAA / other audits and government write-up accounting. We began working with Pioneer Astronautics in 1998 and Green Tape continued the relationship through early 2018 (20 year engagement).

Pioneer Astronautics has licensed the subject technology to Pioneer Energy who had a commercial spin-out that has raised a significant amount of private funding.

Design Net Engineering LLC

Business Development and Outsourced CFO / Director of Contracts & Grants. Award Navigation Business Management and Financial Advisory services; including Opportunity search, Pre-Proposal and Proposal Services, Contracts and Grants and Program Management Services.

The Green Tape founder supported the development of Design Net from the founder’s living room to a 25 person fledging niche-Avionics Aerospace firm. He initiated the Company strategic planning process, and provided and facilitated management support for Company growth. Recruited some of DNet’s key business development contacts. He also supported DNet’s entry and success into the SBIR program which resulted in one of DNet’s primary technology platforms (a Modular Common Satellite Bus payload bus). He recruited two or three key senior-level business development additions, and supported proposal efforts and award negotiation and modification for the $10M+ avionics job for our customer in Pasadena. Multiple Government, University and Commercial R&D (Startup Engineering) contracts were completed. He supported the administrative and financials infrastructure development and the LLC employee and contractor equity plan.

Design Net was purchased by unspecified buyer(s).

AI, Cyber and Software Clients

Pathfinder Systems

Controller / Director of Contracts. Proposal, Contracts and Grants, Business Management and Financial Advisory, Accounting and Program Management Support Services.

Financial and contractual responsibilities for all government and commercial contracts. The Green Tape founder also supported requirements development, user interface testing and documentation effort as well. Support was provided for Pathfinder’s DOD simulation software development products and services, including business plan development efforts. The company maintained profitability in the software development services environment with growing internal software project management efforts. Additional support included; proposal preparation, personnel selection/evaluation, purchasing, property control and site security classification.

Pathfinder Systems is a successful long-term woman-owned contractor in software, simulation,training and AI.

Forensic Training Network

Outsourced Controller services with installation of the GovCon Startup Accounting System, including Contracts & Grants and Business Management and Financial Advisory services.

Green Tape helped this women-owned start-up with their initial awards, including a Department of Justice award for law enforcement simulation and training. We installed a government approved accounting system and provided ongoing accounting, contracts and grants, budget and pricing support.

The owners decided to pursue other opportunities and FTN is no longer in business.

Biotech, Life Sciences and Pharma Clients

Mapp Biohparmaceutical, Inc.

A Green Tape team of over 10 employees and contractors provided Admin to C-Level Support in the following Green Tape service offerings; Award Navigation, Program Management, and the development of the Green Tape GovCon Startup System (New Business, Contracts and Grants, Business Management & Financial Advisory and Accounting).

Green Tape supported Mapp in over $100 million in Government R&D contract and grant awards (with Mapp cofounders and new management additions) from 2005* through 2017. Green Tape supported Mapp’s initial Ebola NIH grant(s) and the pivotal ZMappTM therapeutic BAA contract. This “serum” was credited for saving the lives of Dr. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol in their August 2014 return to the US after being infected with Ebola. The Company was highlighted on “60 Minutes” and “PBS NewsHour” and is the second all-time San Diego SBIR/STTR program award winner.

Prior to and during Mapp’s significant R&D growth, Green Tape provided the above products and services including;

  • Proposal development, program management, cost and supplemental and submission support
  • Contracts and Grants services
  • PI and PM support services
  • Monthly and Annual Accounting write-up and closes, Payroll and multi-Entity / State tax support (with CPA referral) to 50 employees
  • Company Pricing, Job Costing, Indirect Rates, Budgeting, Cash Flow and detailed
  • Cost-type invoicing
  • Company and HR policy support and transfer to the Mapp COO / HR Manager
  • The A-133 HHS/NIH DFAS and DCAA incurred cost audits and Government Property system
  • The 2010 Therapeutic Discovery Biotechnology Tax Credit, an early $100M proposal and LeafBio, Mapp’s commercialization spin-off
  • New Accounting and Purchasing system installation support, prior to termination

In 2014, Mapp wrote the following after Green Tape’s assistance with another winning proposal:

Dear Paul and Green Tape, Very impressive, Mapp would not have these contracts if it were not for your incredible contributions. You are outstanding collaborators. Thank You! ” Sincerely, Kevin J. Whaley, PhD and CEO

CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Green Tape provided Proposal, Contracts & Grants, and Principal Investigator (PI) / Program Management (PM) Services

Through a Client referral, Green Tape helped CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“CMC Pharma”) win their first government subcontract. Although it is common for first-time bidders to win small business government R&D awards like SBIRs, BAAs, etc., it is very difficult for a small business with no government experience to be awarded a subcontract from a large prime contractor under a full product development! That says a lot for co-founder, Sr. Pharma Consultant and program PM, Michael Radomsky, and his elite Pharmaceutical consulting team.

Green Tape collaborated with CMC to produce the winning CMC Pharma proposal and provided PI/PM Support Services (Subcontract / Change Order, MS Project Schedule, Documentation and Program Review coordination). In total, Green Tape supported CMC program growth by more than a 500% increase in the base subcontract amount.

DestinationRX, Inc.

Paul was the Director of Government Contracts with DRX Program Manager, provided CFO/Controller services and managed the outsourced accounting efforts.

A brief government accounting system review led to the growth of a significant engagement with DRX supporting their CMS subcontract. Full-service accounting and contract and grants management services were provided to support company earnings and pricing.

This privately funded company with significant prior Government services revenue, prior to their acquisition by Connecture.

Began with brief government accounting system review and lead growth of significant engagement covering senior Government and management interface and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) (a $5M+ cost-type contract) customer support with full-service accounting and contract management.

Energy & Sci/Tech Clients

Aether Wire & Location, Inc.

Controller, Director of Contracts, Accounting, Pricing/Budgeting and Auditing, including Govt R&D Business Development support

Aether Wire developed Ultra-Wideband Localizer systems for difficult location areas such as Caves, Buildings, Sea Containers and Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT-like) environments. Paul and prior team members provided proposal and award support for $6.5 million (~10X the amount of Aether Wire’s original VC round) in Government R&D funding with favorable terms. PM support included a trip to Quantico, VA for the successful USMC Phase SBIR I review and follow-on Phase II award for Warfighter See-through-Wall imaging using AW’s Ultra-Wideband Localizer system. This award was sourced and proposed by Paul and a key Paul recruit and became the critical source of bridge funding for AW through their exit event.

Aether Wire sold a patent to a NASDAQ listed buyer.

“Paul and his team provided Aether Wire with opportunity search, proposal, business management & financial advisory and contracts assistance for our Government R&D funding. They identified and helped us win a Phase I and II SBIR, completed successful negotiations on our DARPA and ONR contracts, and established accounting, pricing, budget and property systems. If you want to access government funds to develop your science or technology, I suggest you contact Green Tape and Paul.”
Vincent Coli, Sr. Engineer/MBA, V.P. of Sales

College & University*

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
University of Colorado
University of California, SD
Wright State University
Tulane University
Iowa State University
University of Texas Medical Branch
Arizona State University

University of Arizona
University of Pennsylvania
Vanderbilt University
Colorado School of Mines
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston College
University of Hawaii

*For the most part, Green Tape supported work (often subcontract or consortium in nature) with these institutions for our various Clients.

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