We help you EXECUTE on federal and state Government contract and grant proposals, negotiations, administration and closeouts.

Based on industry best practices, Green Tape performs these services without charging exorbitant legal hourly rates. You’ll get an experienced contracts team that understands your business, not just the government contracts law.

For example, Green Tape can help you develop both non-commercial and commercial pricing for your company. This is not just a contracts or grants effort.  What’s more, we usually lead your needs in negotiations, cost proposals and budgets.

We have contracts professionals that have helped negotiate awards that have totaled more than $100 million on behalf of a client. And when the project includes them, Green Tape supports requests for proposals, negotiations and awards for your subcontractors.

Finally, we understand your data rights under government contracts and grants, or the terms and laws that allow you to develop, retain and own intellectual property within the government contracting arena.

Negotiating prices and intellectual property

Experience in the negotiation, pricing and intellectual property areas, just to name a few, is crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of the red tape that’s inherent in the government contracting world. Green Tape’s offerings can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

In summary, Green Tape will act as your Director of Contracts and Grants, as well as perform the supporting duties of the contracts manager or specialist. If legal counsel is required, Green Tape will act as your liaison with government legal counsel on your contracts and grants issues, ensuring an efficient outcome.

The path to small business government R&D funding is covered in red tape. Let us help you turn your red tape, green!

Green Tape

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