GovCon Capital Early Stage Fund:

GovCon Capital (GCC) is an emerging early-stage debt and equity fund* for promising science and technology entrepreneurs with a substantial US Government R&D funding opportunity ($5M or more over the life of the entity). The primary funding objectives will include; Start-up, Bridge and Gap-funding in Clients with significant pre- and post Government R&D funding opportunities and Commercialization potential (traditional early stage equity funding to grow the entity or spin-off or licensing support for shorter-term exit objectives).

The following types of funding are anticipated under Fund I* (to be closed in 2019):

  1. Startup Debt and Equity financing (Pre- and Post-Government R&D Funding).
  2. Asset Purchase or Leasing (Laboratory / Office Equipment / Furniture / Facility and M&A with financing partners and/or SBA Program(s)).
  3. Working Capital, including “Gap” and related financing.

GovCon Capital will pursue funding opportunities in the following markets (similar to Green Tape’s):

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Biotech & Life Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • AI, Cyber & Software
  • Energy & Other

Please provide us with your information if interested in this new Green Tape-related offering:

  • GovCon Capital Early-Stage Funding

Thank You for your interest in GovCon Capital!

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