Recently, Green Tape helped a key client increase both their R&D award amount (greater than 500%) and scope of their original contract/grant. We provide best practices guidance so you understand the rules of your funding environment for potential increased funding.

As you may know, the government has unique and daunting contract/grant terms and expectations. In addition, your government customer expects you to know how to do business with them, including the need for more funding for work efforts that have changed (as applicable, as not all awards can be changed).

Through our affordable PI/PM Support services, Green Tape provides these direct charge services under your current contract or grant as proposed or as an addition. If the opportunity for change orders appear, we help you recognize these events (per FAR Part 52.243-1 through 4, or 52.212-4, if providing Commercial services or the DFARs or Grant CFR equivalents and/or related clauses). At that point, you and your Company can decide if you want to pursue them or not.

In summary, Green Tape has the expertise to help you meet your technical, cost/price and schedule/earned value management (EVM) requirements on both small and large contracts and grants (as needed). Green Tape brings decades of small business R&D program management and contract/grant experience in helping you manage your technical, schedule and cost/price, or key program elements for R&D services success.

*Green Tape Client\US Agency detail has not been provided here.

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