Green Tape LLCDuring your company’s pursuit of government R&D funding, your business should go through a number of defined steps in order to successfully identify and win funding at a desirable award rate. At Green Tape, we provide a disciplined process, from small business government R&D market research through proposal award, so you have the best likelihood of receiving the required funding for product commercialization success. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into step two of Green Tape’s Award Navigation process: Opportunity Search.

Upon completion of the Market Research step (or without it — if you already know you have a government R&D market for your innovations), we assist your company in identifying and qualifying your government R&D funding opportunities. Our client Opportunity Search efforts match your innovations with current or potential funding opportunities using Green Tape government R&D industry experience and our third party products in this service area. We help you convert your opportunities into backlog estimates for Company growth. Green Tape seeks Client engagements where we can integrate our Award Navigation process and services to help you win government R&D at 3 to 5 times the national average.

Our services let you focus on your science and technology, while we help you fill your pipeline to achieve your product and Company vision. For more information on how Green Tape can help your business identify and capture government R&D funding please contact Green Tape today.

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