We help innovators grow through small business R&D government-funded awards. From startup to commercialization, we help clients through every step of the business life cycle through a variety of custom services and products within the business process outsourcing market. Here’s how:

High proposal win rates

Through a deep understanding of our clients and the government procurement process, Green Tape’s proposal win rate for clients far exceeds the industry average.

Integrated services and products

Meeting the conditions of a small business government award demands real scientific or engineering innovation. Green Tape helps support innovators with unique compliance, contract, grant, financial and administrative requirements and compliance with government regulations.

Clients have found substantial added value when they combine more than one of Green Tape’s services.

What Differentiates us from others in the industry:

  1. Our firm specializes in working with GovCon Gazelle companies, committed to working with high growth government R & D entities.
  2. Our clients comprise the top circle of elite in the business, where clients’ 3 to 5 year goals are to raise upwards of $5 million.
  3. We have high client retention rates, moving through Phase I and Phase II multiple times.

The path to small business government R&D funding is covered in red tape. Let us help you turn your red tape, green!

Green Tape

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